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Election Law Ground Wars Underway in Federal Courts

With the conventions over and Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton locked in a close contest, a ground-level fight for an edge in the presidential race will unfold this summer in the nation’s courts. Legal challenges to state election laws are still working through federal courts and possibly on to the Supreme Court this…


Texas Voters Take Hit While Judges Ponder Election Laws

The evidence is piling up: If the law allows Texas and other states to discriminate, they will discriminate. Photo voter ID laws, which require voters to offer photographic proof that they are who they say they are, have been flopping in federal courts across the country. The Texas law took a blow from the U.S….


US Attorney files Amicus Brief in ACLU Voting Rights Case

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Department of Justice today intervened in the ACLU of Wisconsin voting rights case, filing an amicus brief in opposition to the voter ID law.  The case is currently at the 7thCircuit Court of Appeals. The 37-page brief said, in part: Regarding the “constitutional claim, the district court credited plaintiffs’ evidence demonstrating that, under…

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