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Lawsuit over Illinois’ election-day registration law fascinating

You may know that a conservative group filed a federal lawsuit last week to stop Illinois’ election-day voter registration law from being carried out this November. The group’s top expert in the case is probably best known for his vigorous defense of Wisconsin’s controversial voter ID law, which was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge…


Voting Problems Bedeviled Primary Elections: Report

Five-hour wait times to vote in Arizona. Broken voting machines in Florida. Poorly trained poll workers in California. North Carolina voters wrongly denied provisional ballots. In Georgia, a voter sent 227 miles from his correct polling place by a poll worker. Texas’ online polling place locator down on Election Day. The 2016 primary elections were…


Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias Among Those Behind Major New Voting Rights Lawsuit in Wisconsin

Here is how the complaint for the lawsuit filed in federal court in Wisconsin begins: This lawsuit concerns the most fundamental of rights guaranteed citizens in our representative democracy—the right to vote. That right has been under attack in Wisconsin since Republicans gained control of the governor’s office and both houses of the State Legislature in the 2010…

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