Group Charges Thomas And His Wife Engaged In Criminal Conduct

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The advocacy group sent a letter to the FBI in Washington, DC on Tuesday calling for an immediate criminal investigation of Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia for what appears to be clear violations of criminal law.

Specifically, the group raises three distinct criminal violations—first, Justice Thomas falsified 20 years of judicial financial disclosure forms by denying that his wife had income sources; second, he engaged in judicial corruption by receiving $100,000 in support from Citizens United during his nomination and then ruling in favor of Citizens United in 2010 without disclosing that fact or disqualifying himself; and third, he conspired with his wife in a form of "judicial insider trading" by providing her with information about the result of the Court's decision in Citizens United prior to its issuance, which she then used to launch a new company to take financial advantage of that decision to benefit her and her husband.

"We have asked the FBI to treat Justice Thomas in the same way that other Americans are treated when they violate federal law," said attorney and spokesman Kevin Zeese. "During Justice Thomas' tenure, literally hundreds of citizens have been prosecuted for making false statements on forms and in person, and many of them were sent to prison. For example, just a few months ago, congressional aide Fraser Verrusio was convicted of making a false statement on a single disclosure form. In our letter to the FBI, we point out that Justice Thomas falsified 20 years of disclosure statements and may have done so to keep litigants in the dark as to his wife's employment. And then when Citizens United came before the Court, Justice Thomas kept quiet about its $100,000 support, ruled in favor of Citizens United and conspired with his wife to parlay that decision into hundreds of thousands in income for her new company. This makes a mockery of our judicial system and cries out for accountability."

The letter to the FBI was accompanied by the group's complaint to the Missouri Bar seeking to disbar Justice Thomas for unethical and criminal conduct. It provides great detail and documents supporting the claims of misconduct.




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