-By Ryan J. Reilly

May 20, 2011- Two Democratic political action committees are asking the Federal Election Commission if the Republican Super PAC's plan for politicians to solicit donations on their behalf is legal. And if it is, you can count them in.

"In light of the news media reports suggesting that the Republican Super PAC plans to ask covered officials to solicit such contributions on its behalf, the PACs ask the Commission whether covered officials may solicit unlimited individual, corporate, and union contributions on their behalf as well," lawyers for Majority PAC and House Majority PAC wrote in a letter to the FEC.

"If the Commission does not find that such solicitations violate [the law], the PACs plan to ask covered officials to make such solicitations on their behalf," they write.

Republican lawyer James Bopp started the PAC because he believes the politicians are only banned from coordinating spending with PACs, but doesn't believe the law bans candidates from telling donors to give to political action committees.



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