Governors Rick Perry, Rick Scott And Bob McDonnell in Attendance, along with Hundreds of Corporate Titans

Washington, DC— The billionaire ultra-conservative activist Charles Koch was exposed today alluding to President Obama as “Saddam Hussein” to his supporters and inadvertently reeling off the names of donors who have given at least a million dollars to the otherwise secretive political foundation he runs with his brother.

The revelations, published in Mother Jones, were based on an unprecedented audio recording made at a recent Koch Foundation retreat in Vail, Colorado.

The article, authored by Brad Friedman, features Koch describing the 2012 Presidential election as ‘the mother of all wars.’

In his opening speech, Koch welcomes his ‘great partners’ — the million-dollar donors –by name. They include the owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team, the online investment guru Charles Schwab, and a large array of under-the-radar wealthy business owners.

Obtaining the names represents a major breakthrough for transparency and an embarrassment for the Koch brothers, who have operated under a tight veil of secrecy. Koch executive Kevin Gentry told attendees at the retreat that their donations and their identities would be “protected.”

Mother Jones lists and describes many of the 32 billionaires and millionaires thanked by Koch. The foundation funds a number of right-wing operations and the Kochs themselves have spent hundreds of millions to influence elections across the nation and sway public opinion on everything from health care and fracking to labor policy and government spending.

"The amount of money represented in that room is simply mind-blowing,.Those donations have directly and secretly affect elections across this nation," Brad Friedman, founder of BRAD BLOG and co-founder of, a sponsor of the campaign.

Tomorrow, Mother Jones will publish Part 2 to the story, detailing the identity of the Kochs' keynote speaker at the event, a public official who seems to have found it inconvenient or embarrassing to even let his own constituents know that he was palling around with the Kochs.




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