Calls New Jersey Democrats “Stupid” And Brags About Crushing Unions And Public Employees Calls For Ethics Investigation And Legislative Hearings

09.07.2011– Washington, DC—Brad Friedman, writing for Mother Jones, reports today that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie secretly gave the keynote speech at the Koch brothers’ Vail, Colorado Summer Seminar on June 26th. Governor Christie kept the event off of his daily calendar and kept it hidden until today.

David Koch introduced Governor Christie as “my kind of guy” and disclosed that he had met privately with him for two hours at the Koch New York offices.

Governor Christie, in very candid remarks to the friendly crowd of corporate barons and GOP partisans, bragged that he was the most powerful governor in America, that he created a fiscal emergency in order to impound billions in planned spending, that he duped “stupid” Democrats into cutting pensions and collective bargaining, that his strong arm tactics need to be applied nationwide, and that he planned to crush school teachers. calls for an investigation by New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow into whether Governor Christie violated state law by misleading the public about his whereabouts on June 26, 2011, whether he received any quid pro quo for appearing at the event, and whether state funds were used to fly, protect and accommodate him on the trip.

“It appears highly unusual for the Chief Executive of New Jersey to secretly leave the state in order to appear at a clearly partisan event, and then to mislead his constituents by keeping it off his daily calendar,” said spokesman and attorney Kevin Zeese. “Governor Christie used the event to bash New Jersey legislators who bargained with him in good faith, and public employees who work hard every day to make sure that the New Jersey government is functioning. Governor Christie went out of his way to hide his participation in this event and his keynote speech because he did not want anyone to know. Therefore, we are calling for an independent investigation by New Jersey law enforcement officials into this entire affair to determine if laws were broken and rules were violated. And in light of Christie’s ‘CopterGate’ scandal, we urge that investigation to include whether the Governor used taxpayer funds, state police protection, or other state resources for the trip. Finally, we call on the New Jersey legislature to hold public hearings to determine all the facts about the trip.”




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