In a rare PSA (Public Service Announcement) New Yorkers are told to prepare for a nuclear war as if its no big deal. Although they claim an actual nuclear war is a low probability, this PSA is meant to show that the government is ready just in case.

So let me get this straight, The state of New York is saying it’s a very low probability, but hey, let’s prepare just in case? Ok, it’s 2022 folks and this probably wasn’t on your dance card, but this is life in the United States in 2022, where high prices for gas, food and other commodities are now routine day to day things you have to worry over.

We’ve also got a major superpower conflict ongoing in Ukraine, and an obsessed dictator Vladimir Putin, who now demands that he be called the RULER, who is akin to the likes of Adolph Hitler in command, who is also threatening nuclear war if his ambitions for total domination of Europe are not met. And we are supposed to believe that everything is normal, and we got this, with no need to fear or duck and cover?

Christina Farrell, the first deputy commissioner of Emergency Management, told 1010 WINS that while a nuclear attack is “low probability” it would have “high impact,” so the city wants people feeling confident that they’re ready.

But hey, just in case the worst happens, here’s this little PSA to tell you folks that we got this, we won’t let those high prices get you down, instead we got this PSA to give you something else to think about and ponder. It isn’t trash not being collected, it isn’t the cancellation of some ballet you were wanting to attend, no, here’s your distraction for the week/month or the rest of your year: NUCLEAR WAR and what you need to know to “keep you safe”.

The PSA comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin made unspecific warnings earlier this year about his country’s nuclear arsenal amid deteriorating relations with the West over Moscow’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

Folks, it’s 2022, and you need to vote blue like your life depended on it. Because when your local state government is putting out PSA’s telling you nuclear war is on the table and they need to let you know how you can stay safe and live through it, you just know we got major problems in the United States that are being planned down the road. Remember, over 1 million people up and died during Covid, and most of those dead were put in the cemetery by rabid lunatic right wingers claiming it was all a hoax. So when you start seeing white flashes of light in the distance, don’t fall for its all just a hoax. Its real and Republicans probably started it and wanted you to die from it.


One thought on “Its 2022: New Yorkers Told To Prepare For Nuclear War”
  1. Quit funneling tax dollars to the Ukraine & NATO for starters. Build other Pacific entry ports outside of California. Negate all federal vaccine mandates. Build at least 5 new refineries in strategically located geographical sites. Quit burning food processing plants. Stop geoengineering the destructive weather in California & other southern states. Quit paying farmers to destroy crops. Stop the deployment of 5g in low earth orbit. Create laws to punish foreign special interests buying our politicians. Stop all financial & military aid to Israel. what do they really do for us? Ask the remaining survivors of the U.S.S. Liberty. Lastly, stop killing tens of millions of unborn children. God is not mocked. He gives an immoral nation tyrannical leadership. Read the Old Testament & see how He dealt with an ancient immoral Israel. The real one & not the fabrication that controls our country today.

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