In another daily outrage we are now told that the DOJ has to proceed cautiously against those that instigated, funded and supported the J6 insurrection. The stupidity of this argument boggles the mind. Proceed cautiously? What in gods name will protect the United States from further actions from those who are not held to account for their seditious activities? With these idiots at DOJ proceeding cautiously because it’s so complex that these cases (if there are any cases) being investigated will be years before we finally see that anyone is held accountable if at all. By that time these same idiots will be back in power and closing down all avenues of accountability. Proceed cautiously is a thing? WHAT?

The answer is both complicated and simple. Indicting a former president for trying to subvert a presidential election is harder than it looks.

“It’s definitely not a slam-dunk,” Paul Rosenzweig, a former federal prosecutor (and anti-Trump Republican), told me last week. “It will require tough decisions.”

The DOJ has prosecuted people for far less than these right wingers have committed, and there was no caution whatsoever when it came time to prosecute them for crimes. But oh we have to be careful don’t ya know, because it could seem politically motivated if we don’t proceed very cautiously. What that really means is that there are two sets of books, one for those who have, and one for those who have not. And those that have not are rigorously prosecuted, while those that have end up with a get out of jail free card with zero accountability.

Tough decisions? How about if you don’t prosecute, then the entire web of illusion about justice and accountability goes out the window? The transparent way those with money continue to get away with crimes of the century, while those who have every little, you know, ordinary folks, have to toe the line or else go directly to jail for petty little crimes, is that all we got left for justice in this country?

And a trial that ends in Trump’s acquittal, he warned, would backfire.

“It would not only have the effect of giving Trump impunity,” he said, “it would give him impunity and an aura of invincibility.”

So, OK, with that logic you might as well just let him go. Hey, he’ll scream you were all bought and paid for and never had a case. You’re damned if you do and lose, and damned if you don’t because you capitulated before it got off the ground. How about going with protecting the constitution and trusting the jury and your case? Instead you just want to be on a milk carton and call it a day?


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