As they say; being in Congress with what some would consider a great salary is no picnic. Many would consider that those in Congress are paid a high enough wage to live comfortably, but in reality this just isn’t the case.

According to a story AOC just put out:

Members of Congress are required to occupy one residence in Washington, D.C., as well as one in the state from which they are representing, according to the New York Democrat. This leads to “class dynamics” within Congress and causes economic strains for those who struggle to afford two residences, she argued.

Class dynamics and of course idiots and lunatics she has to put up with make it near impossible for her or anyone else to do their jobs. Many in Congress, especially the corrupted ones, are multi millionaires before they even enter public service. The corrupted ones make ends meet  by, of course, being corrupted. Insider trading, voting on bills that benefit the privileged few, are just the many ways in which they earn plenty of money. But those not corrupted by the system have a hard time even making basic needs.

It’s insanely expensive, there is no stipend or per diem for it, and you’re not allowed to write it off even though your job forces you to have it. This creates real class dynamics in the House,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram story. “Many sleep in their offices, but if you are caught, it could get bad for many reasons, including violations.”

Tough times for those who won’t bend over and become corrupted for sure. And there are no easy solutions either. You’re either with em or against them, and in her case she’s against the status quo and thus literally broke.

Despite the higher-than-average salary, Ocasio-Cortez argued the requirement to occupy two residences makes things costly for those with working-class backgrounds — and it can distract from legislating and campaigning if members choose to rent rather than buy, she said.

“I rent in both cities. It’s so so much,” she wrote. “We have to find a new apartment in NYC soon and I’m STRESSED. Rent is wild and the idea of [apartment] searching and moving while legislating and campaigning is yikes.”


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