It’s amazing how quickly dems had their hopes in Biden dashed for some slight and then start looking for someone to challenge him, as if he didn’t do enough to save America from the disaster that Trump put everyone in. Sure, people have a right to lament about better times etc etc. But if you look at Biden’s record of restoring democracy in America, it’s been wonderful.

The only people really putting out this nonsense about Biden are those who wanted more out of him. All the promises and hopes for change etc etc, that never materialized because ya know, Covid, getting 300 million people vaccinated, dealing with institutions that had been decimated under Trump, dealing with global issues, a war in Ukraine, a nut-bag in Vladimir Putin starting that war, high prices brought on by profit taking corporations running rampant over the worlds supply of practically everything produced, and on and on and on.

Shit, you’d have to be crazy to want that job of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. Yet, despite all the hardships in doing that, an aging guy like Biden somehow accomplished pretty much everything we could want. But dems want “more” and more just isn’t going to happen in these trying times.

This is the problem Obama dealt with. Republicans crashed the economy and in steps Obama having to face a major crisis first day in office, which he did, not saying he did right by everyone, but hey, he made things better in many regards. What people fail to understand is that Republicans are greedy corrupted scumbags, and they literally ripped the economy apart with corruption and then blamed the people for wanting a better life, then all the bribe taking, stock trades, and all manner of criminal activity until nothing was left to rape and pillage.

Then dems come back in and they are supposed to clean up the mess, and it takes at least 4 years to get the ship righted. Then Republicans come in and say; oh are you not being entertained? Are you not tired of all the belt tightening that dems have put you through? If things go right they win, if not, more belt tightening ensues until the budget is balanced and shows a profit. Then Republicans come back in and say thank you very much dems, and then get back in power and set about raping and pillaging all over again. After 4-8 years of that dems have to come back in and clean it all up again. This has been going on for as long as anyone can remember. And this is classic politics.

Time For Change, Make America Great Again, Take Back America, Save America, yada yada yada. It’s all about slogans, and each time we Americans fall for it. Change happens slowly, and it doesn’t happen overnight, unless of course you are wealthy beyond belief, and then those politicians that are bought and paid for make you even more wealthy, insanely wealthy. That’s about all they are good for on any side of the isle.

In this case it’s wash rinse and repeat for dems. They aren’t happy, this promise or that promise never materialized, to hell with why. Yeah we found some ringers in the system with Manchin and Sinema who ran as dems but were really Republicans in disguise. Oh well, Republicans win again right? Dems are already having a hard time getting enough votes to get their pet projects going, and then we see that the disguised Republicans came out and ruined everything. You see dems need a super majority which through gerrymandering and various state level issues will just never let that happen, but hey, give people hope and some cool slogans and maybe they won’t really look at how corrupt the entire system actually is.

Republicans are a disease, and that disease is much like cancer, trillions probably spent trying to cure or eradicate it over a 50 year period, and cancer is still with us with no real end in sight. That’s what Republicans are, a cancer, and dems are spending big to eradicate them, or so we’re led to believe. My opinion is all dems are doing is trying to mitigate the effects of the cancer, for they already know there will be no eradication of it. But hey, keep telling people that one day there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and somehow people will believe it enough to vote for you.

But that willingness to prop up the sinking president has been wearing thin. Day by day, Democrats are considering a possible new scenario: challenging the sitting president for the 2024 nomination.

“Unless Biden comes to his senses and announces that he won’t run again, a contentious battle for the nomination seems very likely,” Norman Solomon, founder of the progressive network RootsAction, told The Hill.

A sinking President? Coming to his senses? WTF are you telling people? I guess this progressive idiot is playing into Republican polling numbers. Hey, a poll can be manipulated to say anything you want it to say, and we’ve already learned that polls are as untrustworthy as they can be. Remember 2016 with Hillary leading in the polls only to lose her ass? Yeah, that night and the next day people were calling polls the stinking sewer it is, and never again should we trust polls. But then next election it’s all about polls and all that chitter chatter about polls being bullshit was just wiped off the floor as if they never said that.

Here’s the thing: Biden has done a fantastic job, and none of these idiots from Roots Action or whatever name they wish to give themselves would have done better. They lament the problems but don’t offer any solutions for Republicans obstructing every plan or agenda that dems put forth. They can’t do it better themselves so they abandon the only guy in the seat that saved the world from disaster like yesterday’s news and go off looking for a new shiny toy to play with in their chicken shit sandboxes. And so it goes, dems never satisfied because in reality they can’t admit that Republicans put in some ringers like Manchin and Sinema into the game to protect themselves and their caucus. How come dems can’t do the same thing? Where are the dem ringers in the Republicans backyard?

Dems need to step up their game, but as usual it takes decades for them to realize that they’ve been played and will continue to get played until they get some real ass kickers in the game.


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