This is the new Republican way. Allege fraud on every election you’re losing in advance. Make the wildest claims you can and hope they will stick. Refuse to concede, drag the other candidate through the mud, never concede, never surrender. It’s a new playbook being utilized by Republicans, including the batshit crazy ones, to make elections even harder. And notice when they win they never claim fraud, only when they lose, and now, before they lose, claim fraud. That way you set up the base to always believe that the elections in the United States are fraudulent until you win.

Story below:

Donald Trump lackey and Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake claims she is “detecting some stealing” in the upcoming election—a week before the actual vote. The Arizona Republic reports that Lake made allegations of fraud at least four times in a speech to the right-wing North Valley Constitutional Republicans this week. “I’m telling you right now, anybody trying to steal this, first of all, we’re already detecting some stealing going on, but you guys know I’m a fighter, right?” she was quoted telling the conservative crowd. “We’re not gonna let them steal an election,” she said. The comments by the former Fox 10 news anchor, which echo the election fraud claims made by Trump ahead of the 2020 election, were not backed up by any evidence whatsoever, and they come as the race between Lake and her main opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, has tightened. Robson called Lake’s comments “dangerous” and described the fraud claims as a “calculated narrative” that lays the framework for Lake to dispute election results if she loses.


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