Right wingers are very close to realizing their wet dream fantasy of Man In The High Castle. Or is it Handmaids Tale? It’s hard to distinguish between either of them. They want what Gilead was, and they want more, which is what Man In The High Castle showed, a Nazi nation where they took over the entire eastern half of the United States, while the Japanese took the west coast. The middle was a no mans land of liberals who had escaped both sides. In Handmaids Tale, a government within a government was established, fulfilling what many say are the current right wingers dreams of building a white christofascist state.

If any of these situations are actually realized it’s going to be a disaster for America. Better to get the fuck out than stay around looking for middle America in Canada, or the no mans land in the Rocky Mountains.

This should be a wake up call for everyone. Republicans are a death cult, they are Nazi’s and very transparent about it at that.

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