Hillbilly Report: House Democrats Challenge Citizens United v. Federal Election Commision

-by: RDemocrat

September 20, 2011- One of the most pressing fights for Progressives to restore America to all Americans is overturning the ungodly Citizens United v. Federal Election Commision that gave Corporate America the power to buy elections. In the last election cycle that resulted in a flood of money and corruption in an already troubled voting process. Of course, with a tainted voting process there is no possibility for true Democracy no matter what country you live in.

As most of you know, this ruling is so dangerous for Democracy because it allows Corporate America a loophole in disclosing their spending on elections:

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Washington Post: Op-Ed: The GOP is trying to rig the electoral college

-By Harold Meyerson

Like Poe’s purloined letter, the Republican plan to heist the 2012 presidential election sits before us in plain view. And going Poe one better, it is perfectly legal.

The first part of the strategy has been unfolding for months. Since the 2010 elections brought Republicans to power in numerous swing states, officials in many of those states have made it harder for minority, poor and young voters to cast their ballots. GOP governments have been curtailing early voting (in Ohio and Florida) and requiring voters to produce official photo-identification cards (in Wisconsin). In South Carolina, the poll tax lives again: Voters who want an official photo-ID card must present a passport or a birth certificate, neither of which can be obtained for free.

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Mount Pleasant Patch: Couple Indicted for Illegal Donations to Graham

Campaign denies knowledge of illegal donations funneled from German businessman.

-By Adam Crisp

September 19, 2011- A Mount Pleasant business owner faces a multi-count federal indictment for a scheme to donate thousands of dollars in illegal campaign money to the re-election campaign of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

Federal authorities allege in April indictments that were unsealed Monday that Jian-Yun “John” Dong took more than $30,000 from a German national and funneled the money through illegal sources from 2007-09 to support Graham’s re-election campaign.

He also used money from the German businessman to make donations to the Graham’s political action committee Fund for America’s Future.

Graham’s campaign on Monday said they have cooperated with investigators and they noted that in the indictment it notes that the campaign was not aware of the violations.

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My San Antonio: Feds find fault with 2 redistricting maps

Lawyers say proposals on state House and Congress violate Voting Rights Act standards.

-By Nolan Hicks

September 20, 2011- Lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department said two of Texas' controversial redistricting maps didn't comply with the Voting Rights Act's minimum standards, finding that the proposed changes to state House and congressional districts failed to maintain or increase the ability of minorities to elect their candidates of choice.

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Al Jazeera: Vote suppression in the US revs up

In recent years, the Republican Party has accelerated its efforts to make voting more difficult for Americans.

-by Heather Digby Parton

September 19, 2011- In the 1964 presidential elections, a young political operative named Bill guarded a largely African-American polling place in South Phoenix, Arizona like a bull mastiff.

Bill was a legal whiz who knew the ins and outs of voting law and insisted that every obscure provision be applied, no matter what. He even made those who spoke accented English interpret parts of the constitution to prove that they understood it. The lines were long, people fought, got tired or had to go to work, and many of them left without voting. It was a notorious episode long remembered in Phoenix political circles.

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Huffington Post: GOP-Led States Move To Change Voting Rules Ahead Of 2012

-By Ann Sanner, Associated Press

September 19, 2011- COLUMBUS, Ohio — After years of expanding when and how people can vote, state legislatures now under new Republican control are moving to trim early voting days, beef up identification requirements and put new restrictions on how voters are notified about absentee ballots.

Democrats claim their GOP counterparts are using midterm election wins to enforce changes favorable to Republicans ahead of the 2012 presidential election. They criticize such legislation, saying it could lead to longer lines in Democratic-leaning urban areas and discourage people from voting.

Supporters say bolstering ID rules helps prevent fraud. And at a time when counties face tough budgets, they contend local elections officials don't have the money to keep early voting locations staffed and opened.

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Talking Points Memo: GOP-Pushed Student Voter Fraud Investigation Finds Zero Voter Fraud

-by Ryan J. Reilly

September 21, 2011- Remember how Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster accused over 200 students of committing voter fraud because they were paying out-of-state tuition but registered to vote in the state? Turns out none of them actually voted.

A two-month taxpayer funded investigation found that zero of the students committed voter fraud and found just one case of a non-citizen voter — and that happened all the way back in 2002, Bangor Daily News reports. Still, Secretary of State Charlie Summers is maintaining that the system is "fragile and vulnerable" and renewed his opposition to same day voter registration.

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