Get Money Out: Join 100,000 Americans

-by Dylan Ratigan

September 27, 2011- Money has bought our politics. Only we the people can take it back. But, HOW?

I have asked a professional lobbyist and a series of Constitutional scholars. They tell me that it will require a large, unrelenting, organized group aligned around a Constitutional Amendment to Get Money Out of politics.

So here is a draft of an Amendment and here is a petition to start the movement.

Read the Amendment and add your signature.

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Huffington Post: Super PACs And Secret Money: The Unregulated Shadow Campaign

-by Paul Blumenthal

September 26, 2011- WASHINGTON — In the span of a week in September, two independent political committees announced unheard-of fundraising plans for the coming campaign season. The Karl Rove-linked American Crossroads, along with its sister nonprofit, Crossroads GPS, announced a plan to raise and spend $240 million in 2012. Make Us Great Again, a group solely dedicated to electing Texas Gov. Rick Perry the 45th President of the United States, revealed a plan to spend $55 million in the Republican primary alone. Both of these multimillion dollar plans would break all reported records for spending by an independent political committee, and offer a sign of how campaign finance rules have been upended.

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The Hill: House Democrats push legislation to overturn Citizens United ruling

-By Mike Lillis

September 20, 2011- A pair of House Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling that freed corporations to spend unlimited money on elections.

Sponsored by Reps. John Conyers (Mich.), senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Donna Edwards (D-Md.), the proposal would amend the Constitution to empower Congress and the states to limit corporate spending on political activities.

“Last year, the Supreme Court overturned decades of law and declared open season on our democracy,” Conyers said in a news release. “It is individual voters who should determine the future of this nation, not corporate money.”

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100gf: Democrats John Conyers and Donna Edwards push legislation to overturn Citizens United ruling

-by Michael R. Gideon

September 22, 2011- Two House Democrats are pushing new legislation that would overturn the controversial Citizens United ruling. Reps. John Conyers (D-Mich), senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Donna Edwards (D-Md) are hope to gain support from other political figures unhappy at the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision.

The Citizens United decision ruled that corporations should not be limited in the amount they can donate to fund broadcasts for or against political candidates. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote, split along ideological grounds, hinged on the argument that such a limitation would be an unfair barrier to free speech, effectively treating corporations as if they are people.

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Washington Post: Obama 2012 campaign’s Operation Vote focuses on ethnic minorities, core liberals

-By Peter Wallsten

September 24, 2011- President Obama’s campaign is developing an aggressive new program to expand support from ethnic minority groups and other traditional Democratic voters as his team studies an increasingly narrow path to victory in next year’s reelection effort.

The program, called “Operation Vote,” underscores how the tide has turned for Obama, whose 2008 brand was built on calls to unite “red and blue America.” Then, he presented himself as a politician who could transcend traditional partisan divisions, and many white centrists were drawn to the coalition that helped elect the country’s first black president.

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Michigan Messenger: Groups look to rein in corporate power after Citizens United

Focus is on maximum disclosure of political spending

-By Eartha Jane Melzer

September 19, 2011- Last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission granted corporations (and unions) the right to directly and expressly back political candidates, and triggered an enormous new wave of political spending. Now watchdog groups are trying to find ways to make sure voters can see who is funding which candidates.

In a web seminar sponsored by the Business Ethics Network last week, groups concerned about the role of money in politics gathered to review strategies for increased disclosure.

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