February 9, 2011- When Virginia Thomas stepped down as head of Liberty Central in November of last year she didn't just disappear. Go getter that she is- Upon leaving (or being forced out, depending on who you believe) the astroturf organization she helped to build, she moved on to bigger and better things- creating her own lobbying firm, Liberty Consulting Inc. Oddly enough, Mrs. Thomas' IRS filings for Liberty Central show the office address as the same one that Liberty Consulting now occupies.

Protect Our Elections decided to visit that office, which turned out to be a PO box in a UPS Store in Burke Virginia.

Since Virginia Thomas' departure Liberty Central has moved their offices to 12587 Fair Lakes Circle in Fairfax Virginia, which, a quick Google search revealed, is another UPS Store.

Check out the video of our visit to the Liberty Consulting offices:



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