June 15, 2011-

Gillian Morris, Press Secretary
(414) 975-0586, [email protected]

MADISON — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin announced today it will file a formal appeal of the Government Accountability Board’s ruling with the Dane County Circuit Court on the widespread pattern of election fraud committed by Republican operatives in gathering recall signatures.

"The GAB agreed that out-of-state circulators hired by the Republican Party to gather recall signatures committed repeated and flagrant acts of election fraud upon the people of Wisconsin," said DPW Chairman Mike Tate. "A higher authority should review this stunning conspiracy to defraud the voters, and throw out all the signatures gathered by these deceitful circulators."

The DPW appeal is based on three facts: Circulators repeatedly and knowingly perpetrated election fraud upon the people of Wisconsin, and GAB acknowledged that substantial election fraud occurred.

Though never faced with such offenses, election fraud matters in Wisconsin. State law provides greater protections against this fraud that what the GAB imposed in these cases.

In addition to the fraud GAB agreed occurred, there were two circulators who fraudulently certified the validation of their petitions that GAB failed to address.

"The Republican Party shipped in out-of-state people, many with criminal records, and set them loose on the people of Wisconsin," said Tate. "These shady operators lied, deceived and mislead signers and collected sham petitions. When all of the fraudulent signatures are tossed, it becomes crystal clear that the people of these three districts do not want to recall their senators."

Below are some of the more outrageous examples from signed witness affidavits of election fraud committed in each of the three districts:

SD 12

Sherri Ferrell told someone in the 12th district the petition they were signing was to "have more control of how we send Senators to Washingtion," and to another signer the petition was to "support Democrats, our schools and indians." Duane Schumacher told a 12th Senate district resident that it was a "petition against Scott Walker."

SD 22

On a petition page circulated by Christopher Baxter, a deceived signer said, "Lady asked me to sign a petition. She asked if we liked what Scott Walker was doing. I said no and she asked if I would like to sign the petition to get Scott Walker out."

Petition circulator John Prijic told one 22nd district voter, "Man came to my door and told me they were trying to get people to sign a petition to have work done on the neighborhood park… there was no mention that the petition was to recall Senator Wirch…"

SD 30

Petition circulator Karen Garr told one 30th Senate district resident "the purpose of the document was to support of Dave Hansen."

Petition circulator Richard Madrill told one district resident the petition was to "to get rid of the people who support Gov. Walker and to get rid of the people trying to hurt teachers and workers."



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