Continues Pursuit Against Anonymous Donations After IRS Denies 501(c)(4) Status To Three Groups Which Engage In Partisan Political Activities

New Action Helps Root Out Corruption in 2012 Elections

07.20.2011– Washington, DC – After several complaints lodged by, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) denied 501(c)(4) status to three unnamed organizations for engaging in partisan political activities, according to news reports this week.

According to The New York TImes, the ruling is causing concern among lawyers representing a new breed of groups that have illegally used 501(c)(4) status to hide millions in donations used to attack political candidates has filed complaints with the FBI, IRS and FEC against these new groups, including Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and American Future Fund, urging denial of 501(c)(4) status and both civil and criminal prosecution. See Crossroads GPS letter to IRS here.

“The IRS decision stops these three organizations in their tracks and keeps them from abusing their non profit status with anonymous contributions. That’s a start.” said attorney and spokesperson Kevin Zeese. “Although we are encouraged that the IRS may have a renewed commitment to enforce the 501(c)(4) statute, we are hopeful that the agency will rule on our complaints against Crossroads GPS and American Future Fund while it can still make a difference. will continue to aggressively push for enforcement of existing laws to protect the integrity of our elections. “The IRS need only enforce existing tax and election laws to control the influx of anonymous contributions in the next election.” said Zeese.




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