Today, we offered a million dollar reward for hard information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone using corrupt or fraudulent means to rig a 2012 federal election so the real winner loses.  The information must result in a correction of the fraudulent election and must be new information not previously reported.

There has been a great deal of nefarious activity in the run up to this election mostly by partisans on the Republican side of the aisle. Karl Rove is receiving a great deal of scrutiny for raising hundreds of millions from GOP billionaires to defeat President Obama.

So we want cyber sleuths and whistleblowers of all stripes to keep an eye out for things that normally stay hidden, such as manipulation of the tabulation results.  We have a tip line 1-888-VOTETIP or send to [email protected].

We are seeking hard information that has not been previously reported regarding criminal matters that occurred behind the scenes, such as electronic manipulation of tabulation results, corruption of election officials, destruction of valid ballots, and intentional manipulation of results. All tips are confidential and we will forward the evidence to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

Feel free to download this reward flyer, post it on your site, and send the link around.


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