Protect Our Elections has been working hard for the past two weeks to get a recount of key swing states where anomalies occurred.  We worked with lawyers, reporters and activists to prepare the groundwork for the recount, and our team kicked off the viral hashtag that mobilized millions of people and had millions of impressions.  After the recount was announced, Jill Stein’s first interview was with our own Brad Friedman on his “Bradcast Radio” program.

Now that Jill Stein has raised the funds to pay the states to conduct the recounts, the hard work begins.  We as election activists must make sure that every vote is counted, and that means absentee, provisional, and overseas ballots.  We have to make sure that the recount is not merely a spitting out of the same results from machines that could have been hacked. Instead, there needs to be a methodical comparison of the poll books with the results to make sure they match. Ballots need to be scrutinized to make sure they are valid.  Where there are anomalies, the machines need to be impounded and analyzed by specialists to check for malware and miscalibrations.  In the case of machines without paper ballots, the ballot images must be examined if they are available, and if not, the results must be carefully examined for any corruption of the vote.  

We insist that the recounts be open, transparent and available to the public. We are prepared to keep the recount honest, and expose any attempts to sweep problems under the rug.  

We need your help.  This is going to be a long process and there may be the need for legal challenges along the way.  Please donate to us so we can continue to make this process a success.

You can make a secure donation below or through PayPal, also below.  Donations are tax deductible, and you can send a check to Protect Our Elections, POB 9576, Washington, DC 20016.  

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