Let me start off by saying that Blake Masters does not support terrorism as a means to an end, nor does he support what Ted Kaczynski did over the years. That being said, he does recommend Ted’s manifesto as something to study and read and actually supports some of the things Ted believed in.

The best analog for Masters’ anti-leftism is another favorite of the online right: Kaczynski, the Unabomber, whose 35,000-word manifesto Masters has recommended (with the qualification that he does not support terrorism). Leftists are plagued by “low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self-hatred, etc.,” Kaczynski wrote. It didn’t matter that many of them were potentially decent individuals; they would inevitably be overpowered by “more ruthless and Machiavellian” fellow travelers who would stop at nothing less than totalitarianism.

Ted was anti-technology, Ted also lived in a backwoods shack with no real power or anything close to resembling technology which he believed was going to destroy the entire world. Yet here we are with guys like Thiel, who made his billions off of technology, supporting people like Masters, who believes that some of what Ted believed in about technology is true.

This Mother Jones article, which is book level reading material, discusses the trials and tribulations of another Thiel backed candidate who was at first a libertarian, and now has found himself amongst the extremist right wing after abandoning his roots. He is also running for the US Senate in Arizona. If he wins, which isn’t unlikely now that he has Thiel’s backing, it will be another knife into the heart of democracy. Some highlights about Blake Masters from this Mother Jones produced story.

Arizona voters who want to comprehend just how unusual Masters is must understand the full pantheon of his influences. They include Curtis Yarvin, who describes himself as America’s foremost absolute monarchist blogger; Murray Rothbard, the reactionary economist who suggested libertarians use right-wing populism to push their agenda; and Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, whom Masters has praised (with caveats). Another favorite is Lee Kuan Yew, the late dictator of Singapore who oversaw a miraculous economic transformation while crushing the civil liberties of those who stood in the way.

In other words, Masters believes that democracy is a dead thing and what he wants is to use democracy to win a race, and if he wins it, he wants to destroy that which got him there in the first place. It’s a case of using democracy to get what you want, then railing against that very democracy and getting rid of it, I guess he will supposedly stay in power for the rest of his life as the KING of Arizona or some such thing. Reminds me of Lex Luthor negotiating with Zod for beachfront property in Australia:

But no one is as influential as Thiel, who confessed in a 2009 essay, “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” He went on to warn that the “fate of our world may depend on the effort of a single person who builds or propagates the machinery of freedom that makes the world safe for capitalism.”

Thiel is setting himself up to be that builder. Masters is one of his tools.

Yes, tools, that is what Thiel uses, tools. And Masters is just another tool to use as he sees fit. And like Lex Luthor being used by Zod, just a means to an end. It doesn’t really matter who Thiel uses, and Masters is just another long term follower who’s easily fooled and quickly sold his soul for Thiel. This is what Americans face in the future. A dystopian planet dominated by uber rich elites who pay for “tools” to manipulate the government and the system to their own ends. If people see Masters, he looks all shiny and clean and nice, and Thiel knows that these sheep are easily manipulated by shiny candidates who look the very image of American, but are secretly “tools” that have sold out America for uber wealthy elites who are hell bent to twist the country and the world to their own ends.

Over the course of the Q&A, Masters said he backed impeaching Joe Biden over his border policy, attacked generals for being too woke, and warned that Social Security and Medicare would disappear before his fellow millennials became eligible. “Sorry,” he said. “But plan for that now.” (According to the financial disclosure Masters submitted last year, much of his own substantial wealth was held in cryptocurrencies.)

There you have it. They are after your Social Security, and Thiel and his sycophant sock puppets are after it all. They will bankrupt it or destroy it, and you, the person who spent your life investing in it, will end up with nothing, while they invest all of your money into crypto currencies, which I might add have suffered greatly in the last few months, almost losing half of what they were valued at months ago. And of course many know that crypto currencies are just another pyramid scheme.

But imagine a world in which people like Blake Masters decided that your hard earned money had to go into a crypto wallet where it would be safe (most crypto is ripped off every few months) and that when it went bust, all your money would be gone. Of course Masters won’t be there to answer questions then, he’ll just say its part of the free market, and free markets are free and risky, and even though he forced you into it, well, that’s just the risk you had to take you losers.

Many of the more than a dozen friends and acquaintances of Masters I’ve spoken with, including the best man at his wedding, have been shocked to see the transformation of someone who used to consider himself an open-borders libertarian turn into an America First nationalist whom Tucker Carlson calls “the future of the Republican Party.” “He was not a shitty, hateful person,” says a former college roommate. “He was a misinformed libertarian white 20-year-old. But honestly, they were a dime a dozen at Stanford.” But even as a young man, there were signs that Masters would be almost uniquely suited to fall under the sway of an icon like Peter Thiel.

Of course there is a sucker born every minute, and Masters was an easy sell for Thiel. Masters had been groomed from the early days, and Thiel saw a young man (Thiel has an affinity for them) who always responded to Thiel’s insane ideology. In other words, Masters was an easy mark and got took down the forbidden path easily.

Like Thiel, Masters fought back against his peers with a mix of provocation, political purism, and disdain. In the one article he wrote for the Stanford Daily, Masters argued that voting is usually immoral because it leads to others being forced to pay taxes: “People who support what we euphemistically call ‘democracy’ or ‘representative government’ support stealing certain kinds of goods and redistributing them as they see fit.” He urged his fellow students not to participate in the 2006 midterms.

Here is what Masters believes in, and it’s not democracy, although he’ll use it to get elected. He believes that voting is for chumps, and if you vote you’re voting to be forced to pay taxes. (OMG what a lunatic). Makes you wonder if Masters has any tax issues that need to be investigated by the IRS? I mean hey, he hates taxes like he hates voting, which support government programs and the military and so much more. But I digress…

Masters moved off campus junior year but remained active in the Columbae community. For a co-op talent show that Masters was unable to attend during his senior year, he sent a video in which he rapped while wearing what was meant to resemble Native American war paint. “I’ve got the war paint on, as you can see,” he rhymed over a beat in the video, which was shared with Mother Jones. “Who said what about cultural insensitivity?”

Umm, well, I guess cultural sensitivity isn’t high on this guys list. Reminds me of another guy who had the same problems, Mathew Cawthorn, remember him? Hated gays yet seemed very gay himself with his umm, male staffer hired to umm, take care of him.

Wedel, who’d taken a hiatus from social media, received texts from his brothers with screenshots of Masters’ tweets. On November 4, he saw a Masters tweet calling vaccine mandates evil. “Shame on you,” Wedel replied, after re-downloading Twitter. “I’m so utterly disappointed in what you’ve done with yourself. People will get sick, and die, because of your reckless rhetoric. As someone who loves and used to respect you: What happened to you?”

So Masters is also an antivaxxer. What more do we need in a candidate for Arizona? Well, Republicans need a lot of people, mostly seniors, to up and die from Covid related sickness. And with Masters in office, you’d get that in spades I’d imagine,

Intentionally or not, Masters is following a strategy championed decades ago by one of his old favorites, Murray Rothbard, who died in 1995. A libertarian economist and philosopher, Rothbard appreciated the potential of yoking libertarianism to right-wing populism, as the writer John Ganz has explained. In a 1992 essay that began by expressing sympathy for David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who had recently lost his bid for governor in Louisiana, Rothbard laid out an eight-plank platform for advancing libertarianism: cutting taxes, slashing welfare, abolishing racial privileges, crushing criminals (“I mean, of course, not ‘white collar criminals’”), getting rid of “bums,” eliminating the Federal Reserve, being “America First,” and defending family values.

So you can easily see the policies that will be implemented if Masters get a win. Of course a lot of it is Birch society stuff, and while Birch is long gone, those who follow it still believe in it and espouse those talking points from the old days. Eliminate the Federal Reserve was another priority for them. Getting rid of bums, yeah, another Birch priority.

Rothbard called this “paleolibertarianism,” and Masters has brought it up to date. The Masters incarnation favors the Trump tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest Americans; sees the end of entitlement programs as an inevitability; labels critical race theory “anti-white racism”; shot a campaign video in which he walks through a San Francisco homeless encampment; courts anti-Fed crypto bros; describes the situation at the US-Mexico border as an “invasion”; and says marriage is between “a man and a woman” after spending most of the past decade working for a man who is now married to another man.

Yeah, see its kind of interesting to me that gay Republicans talk against their gayness and even set up policies against gay people when they are gay themselves. So Masters uses these man and woman talking points while his benefactor and god genius is married to another guy. You see this is what gets me, some guy who is gay and uber elite goes against people who are the same as him, how does that work exactly? I mean you’d think they would be putting policies in place that would protect people, yet they end up putting in policies that make it impossible for LGBTQ people to even exist in this country.

Extremists have taken notice and approved. VDare, a white nationalist site named after the first English child born in the Americas, has called Masters “the America First contender” in Arizona. Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, is another fan, although Masters has rejected his support. “Masters is better than Vance,” Anglin explained. “Masters is woke on Uncle Ted”—a reference to the Unabomber—“he’s married to a white women [sic]…and now he’s dropping the red pills we all wanted to hear.” (Vance’s wife is Indian American.)

Of course extremists have taken notice, they notice anyone of any rate that will support their extremist ideologies. They are in fact the base that Trump and sock puppets play too. Stand back and stand by you racist white supremacists and white nationalists, stand back and stand by. Of course they take notice, and when that notice happens their ranks swell with more supporters and more money and it grows and grows and grows until its unstoppable. These are the very people these uber elites will use as “tools” to take over America and destroy democracy.

Anglin is right that Masters’ campaign is filled with nods to the red-pilled members of the online right. At one campaign stop, the crowd cheered after Masters talked up a plan that a “friend” of his has to “RAGE,” or Retire All Government Employees. What he didn’t say was that friend is Curtis Yarvin, the absolute-monarchist blogger who believes Americans need to get over their “dictator-phobia.” Yarvin, who has known Thiel for years, recently gave Masters his first campaign contribution on record: the legal maximum of $5,800. (Two of his other biggest backers are the Winklevoss twins, the Harvard rowers turned crypto moguls who claim Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from them.)

Get this straight, you the voter need to know this stuff, and you need to know who these people are and who put their money behind them. If you just vote because the guy looks like an all American boy toy, then you will be in for a surprise later on. Remember, Republicans are a disease, they are a cancer on society, and those that back them and fund them are part of the disease that needs to be exposed and hopefully one day eradicated. I don’t hold any hope for that utopia, but my hope is that these people will continue to lose and lose so badly that Republicans will see that their day in the sun is over and they will never return again!!!!

Read the rest of the story here:

Source: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2022/07/blake-masters-peter-thiel-donald-trump-arizona-senate-mark-kelly/

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