You know what people like? They like a fighter, and John Fetterman is nothing short of a battle hardened fighter who gives no quarter, even after having what some people say is a career ending stroke, Fetterman came out in the debate today and slammed it home.

A few have said he struggled, sure, people struggle after having a stroke, and some don’t ever make it back. Despite the performance issues and a few mistakes here and there, Fetterman has shown the people in his state of Pennsylvania that he will fight for them. Unlike the Puppy killer Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has dogged Fetterman over his health issues, while slamming him for eating poorly, which he says contributed to his stroke, which is total bullshit.

Story below:

Democratic Pennsylvania Senate nominee John Fetterman raised more than $1 million following Tuesday night’s debate with Republican Mehmet Oz, according to Fetterman’s campaign.

The campaign said it raised the amount during the three hours between the debate’s conclusion at 9 p.m. and midnight.

The two candidates sparred over a number of top issues, like the economy and abortion, in the state’s first and only Senate debate.

The closely watched event, which was held two weeks before the election, also drew attention to Fetterman’s ongoing struggles recovering from a stroke earlier this year, a matter that the Oz campaign has mocked at times. Fetterman’s challenges communicating were on full display during the debate, with the Democrat calling it the “elephant in the room.”

“It’s clear that the people of Pennsylvania have John’s back in this race. They stepped up tonight with a gigantic show of support for John and his debate performance. We’re honored and grateful for the support heading into the last two weeks of the race,” said Fetterman’s campaign manager, Brendan McPhillips, in a statement regarding the post-debate fundraising.

The Hill has reached out to Oz’s campaign for the latest fundraising numbers.

Recent polling has given Fetterman a slight lead over Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.



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