Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to announce his 2024 presidential campaign Tuesday at a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire, a source confirmed to NBC News.

This marks the second presidential campaign for Christie, who stumbled to a sixth-place finish in the 2016 New Hampshire primary.

Axios was the first to report the timing of Christie’s 2024 campaign announcement.

After dropping out of the race eight years ago, Christie, in a then-stunning move, endorsed Donald Trump just days before Super Tuesday, lending a credible name to Trump’s momentum at the time.

Christie and Trump became allies, with the former New Jersey governor heading up Trump’s presidential transition team, and later preparing him for debates against Joe Biden in 2020.

But Christie has emerged as a vocal critic of Trump, who remains the Republican front-runner in the polls, after the then-president refused to concede his loss to Biden in 2020 and pushed baseless claims of widespread election fraud.

Christie has continued criticizing Trump since then, especially in his role as a political contributor on ABC News. During a segment on “This Week” earlier this month, Christie argued GOP candidates can’t beat Trump by “cozying up to him.” 

Source: Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to announce his 2024 presidential campaign Tuesday (


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