And she lost like the farmers mule she is:

Flowers: Did Biden win the election?

Greene: He’s the president Flowers:

You pushed a big lie that he did not win

Greene: There was election fraud and my husband has the proof

Greene still pushing the big lie, claims her husband, which is divorcing this mule faced dirt bag, had the proof that Trump won and Biden lost the 2020 election. Of course these election deniers never have any proof, it’s all a part of the big lie that Trump won and Biden lost. But it just goes to show you that MTG should not be in the seat she occupies.

Story below:

Georgia 14th District Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene squared off in a debate against her Democratic challenger, Marcus Flowers.

Newschannel9’s Josh Roe was a panelist during tonight’s debate asking questions to the congressional candidates.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said in the debate Sunday that she regrets nothing about the controversies that caused her to lose her committee assignments.

Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers, said the controversies are the reason why he decided to run against Greene.

Flowers said that he wants people to vote for him, not just someone who is “not Marjorie Taylor Greene.” He also said he decided to run against Greene after the Jan. 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Flowers says Greene is partially responsible for inciting it. However, Greene took issue with Flowers’ attempts to tie her to the violence of that day.

Subject matters ranged from DACA, immigration and LGBTQ issues to the defund the police movement and Greene’s history of controversial statements.

We streamed the entire debate on our Facebook and website.


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