“We know that the majority of people who seek access to abortion are already mothers,” said Johnson. “They know what it means to control their own bodies and to have this right taken away – to understand that we really want people to vote because we trust women to make decisions about their own bodies.”

Butler emphasized that women’s fundamental freedoms are at stake. “Whether we’re talking about reproductive freedom, economic freedom, the freedom to live in a clean environment for generations to come, our fundamental freedoms are on the ballot this November,” she added. “We do not need politicians or elected officials in our doctors’ offices, . we have to trust that women and their doctors are going to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

Timmaraju hoped that message would resonate with Republican and independent voters. “There’s no more fundamental economic issue than the decision when, if and how to have your family,” she said. “[For] Republican and independent voters … there is a place for you in our coalition. We may not agree on every issue but this is the most fundamental issue of our lifetime, especially for women and people in the beginning of their reproductive lives.”