The Georgia Senate runoff is expected to be close, but Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) has momentum, and Herschel Walker thinks that he is running for the House.

In a brief interview with POLITICO on Saturday, Walker seemed to mistake which chamber of Congress he was running for and also appeared to think the outcome of his race would determine control of the Senate.

“They’re not [less motivated] because they know right now that the House will be even so they don’t want to understand what is happening right now,” he said of voters. “You get the House, you get the committees. You get all the committees even, they just stall things within there. So if we keep a check on Joe Biden, we just going to keep a check on him.”

The polarization in politics is so extreme right now that a person like Herschel Walker, who doesn’t appear to know what he is running for, will probably get 45%-48% of the vote in the runoff.

Walker thinks that he is running for the House, and he believes that he will determine control of the House, so this is the current state of play for Republicans in the Georgia Senate runoff. The GOP is stuck with a candidate who is glued at the hip to the unpopular Trump, who seems unfit to hold office, and has an opponent running laps around him on the campaign trail.

Republicans are in a glum mood because all signs point to Raphael Warnock being reelected on Tuesday.


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